Gifts with Smile!

Want to surprise? Offer a smile!

Gifts with Smile!

Want to surprise?
Offer a smile!

What do you need to do
one or more figures!

You will have to send photos to define the figure, photos without filters, face photos that have the feature that best identifies you, photos of clothes and position.

You will also have to say what size you want. Then we will send you a sketch to see how it looks before it is produced, then you can give your opinion and fix details if necessary; Only after approved by you, it goes to production, you will be able to follow the process through photos.

Delivery time depends on the number of pending orders, each figure takes 3 to 4 days to be produced, as it has a whole process of modeling and manual painting.

Meet our


3D doll

The idea is to create a big-headed animated puppet based on photos, with reasonable similarity, in which you can choose the theme and position, it will be big-headed with the body, hands and feet of a puppet. 100% personalized and original.

Realistic Figure

It is a realistic replica, the closest to reality, these are detailed elaborations, this type of figure is more appropriate for formal moments.

Caricatoon 2D

Based on a photo, we transform the moment into a cartoon, inspired by the photographs you send us, trying to respect the details as much as possible.

Choose your model!

We have several options!
a figure
6 or more
with pet
with 2 pets
Duo with 2 pets
threesome with pet
with motorcycle
duo with motorcycle
with car
duo with car

Escolha seu modelo!

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